Dahlonega, Georgia
Southern Gateway to the Appalachian Trail


Ugly Cousin
Dahlonega First Friday Concert Series
Ugly Cousin

Friday 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Part of the Dahlonega DDA Main Street Program, the First Friday Concert in the Park will start at 6:30. Locals and visitors alike will fill the park for a special treat from our popular local band, Ugly Cousin. Bring a chair or sit on the grass, a picnic from one of the local restaurants, and enjoy great music and Jekyll Brewing Beer, Urban Tree Cider, Tiger Mountain Wine, and Etowah Meadery Mead from the Trail Fest Beverage Tent right in front of the venue! New this year, you can purchase your beverage of choice in the tent located in front of the park and take it to your seat IN the park!

Patrick Chisolm, vocals/fiddle
Derrick Gaddis, vocals/guitar/dobro
Erick Jones, vocals/guitar
Roman Gaddis, vocals/guitar/mandolin
Adam Rambin, vocals/bass

"We're just a collage of different musical collaborations, molded together to make one Ugly Cousin." Of course, the band prefers bluegrass, making their favoring of musical intermixing not so surprising. But its various pieces have been kept remarkably independent, as each player brings an interesting perspective to the whole.

Ugly Cousin is based out of Dahlonega, GA.

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Threadbare Skivvies
Threadbare Skivvies
Saturday 7:15 - 8:45 pm

Threadbare Skivvies

The Threadbare Skivvies are a trio from Atlanta, GA - they like to describe themselves and their music as vagabond nature folk. It's a bohemian banjo bangin', stompin' & clappin' kind of business - powerhouse harmonies, funky rhythms, and soulfully crafted lyrics.

Purchase your favorite adult beverage from the Trail Fest Beverage Tent and enjoy it in Hancock Park during the concert!

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brew davis
Brew Davis
Saturday 6:00 - 7:00 pm

He didn't grow up in a particularly musical family (the name "Brew," by the way, is short for "Brewer," his mother's maiden name). He just kept seeking it out- trips to the Station Inn on weekends and summer breaks, working a stint at Sugar Hill Records in Durham after college, and moving to the bluegrass mecca of Asheville ten years ago. "I don't know why but I just gravitated toward bluegrass in my late teens. Most kids start listening to grunge rock. I got hooked on the Nashville Bluegrass Band, Sam Bush, and Robert Earl Keen. Then I saw Doc Watson my freshman year of college and it was all over."

He started noodling around on the guitar in his twenties but didn't write his first song until two years ago, around the time he and his wife were finishing up an 18-month, 50 state book tour. "My wife's a big hiker," he says in what is sure to be the understatement of the recording session. His wife Jennifer Pharr Davis owns Blue Ridge Hiking Company and is the featured speaker at the 2018 Dahlonega Trail Fest.

It's not every day an artist releases his first album at age 39. But Davis figures he finally has something to say so he might as well say it. The twelve songs he's recorded cover a range of sound and emotion.

Purchase your favorite adult beverage from the Trail Fest Beverage Tent and enjoy it in Hancock Park during the concert!

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Updated on August 29, 2018